There are still
some who measure
legend in centuries
and not in seconds.
We work for them.

They placed us in front of a lathe when we were kids. Day after day, year after year, that lathe became a successful workshop.
Now, we are known worldwide. But we haven’t changed the way we work. We just can’t, that’s the way we are. We like well-made things. Do you know what something well-made is? It is something you have thought out, designed, forged and constructed yourself, all of it here, in front of your own eyes.
These are objects that defy trends, they will not change a hundred times, they will last a hundred years. And then there are those who buy components across the world, assemble them and sell them off as made in Italy. There are those who pay a designer to be fashionable. There are those who change path with the breeze. We won’t buy that.

The ones
that are born here,
carry beauty on the inside. Whatever you do.

Every day we wake up and appreciate its beauty. It is a mirror of the sky. We have ancient roots. We have hills and hamlets that inspired artists. For centuries.
Behind us, above us, on a granite outcrop, there is the Madonna del Sasso sanctuary (Our Lady of the Rock). From there, you can enjoy a view across the whole lake, and beyond it the Mottarone, and the Alps. In front of us, there is the Sacred Mount of Saint Julius, with the 20 frescoed chapels by Morazzone. Right before us, in the middle of the lake, there is the Island, with a Basilica erected in the 4th century. And reconstructed in the year 1000.

100% made in italy

Hand-made things speak about us.
We want them to speak well.

Our workshop is not an assembly line, you never get bored around here. Every day, you’ll get a different project, a different object, because we don’t just use our hands, but our brains too.

Our fittings are made by an endless number of components, you cannot imagine. Every component is thought out, designed, constructed and assembled by hand, ok, but there’s more: it was designed to match several other components, so that we can combine them and reassemble them as we please. Smart, right?

Maximum flexibility, maximum freedom, maximum quality. All we needed was to use our brains and the utmost passion, by people who love what they do. And they could do it in no other place than this.

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